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  • Store-Net affordable self-storage units Pretoria Gauteng
    Storage units for all your storage needs.

    24/7 high security, well-maintained & convenient

  • Store-Net affordable self-storage units Pretoria Gauteng
    Self-storage units for rent in Pretoria

    Convenient access

    10m², 20m², 30m² and 40m² units available

  • Store-Net affordable self-storage units Pretoria Gauteng
    Get a quote today!

    Flexible and affordable leases

    Leases tailored to your needs

About Us

What we offer on
self-storage in Pretoria
& surrounding areas.
  • Half garage – 3m x 3m
  • Single garage – 6m x 3m
  • Caravan unit – 9m x 3m
  • 24/7 on site security
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Electrified fencing & alarm system
Storenet security on self storage units in Pretoria.

01 – 24/7 Security

02 – Tailored leases

The Process

How does self-storage work with StoreNet for household and business?

Self-storage rates vary according to the required size and duration of the lease. A quote can be obtained speedily via an e-mail request from our website link.

A deposit (equal to one month’s rent) is required and will be set-off against the notice/final month’s rent.

Email Stornet for a quote


You enquire about a storage unit of suitable size to meet your storage requirements.

Tailored lease agreement for self storage

Lease agreement provided

You are provided with a lease agreement which you sign and return via e-mail, accompanied by a copy of your ID.

Pay deposit - Storenet self storage

Sign agreement & pay deposit

Once the signed lease agreement is received and the deposit and first month’s rental is paid, you can enjoy occupation of your unit.

Access your Storenet self storage unit

Accessing your unit

As the tenant you must provide two padlocks for the security gate, and will receive the key of the roller shutter door. You may then access your unit between 06H00 and 18H00 daily.

  • Storage unit Half garage unit 
3m x 3m 
(9 sqm)
  • StoreNet - Affordable self storage Pretoria
  • Storenet self storage Pretoria Gauteng

Storage options

Find the perfect
self storage unit for your storage needs today!

Self-storage units are available in 10m², 20m², 30m² and 40m².  Store-Net offers a versatile self-storage service for your household and business needs, with instant and convenient access to space.

Self-storage facility
We provide a self-storage facility with purpose built 10m², 20m², 30m², and 40m² units for the public and businesses. Each of our units is safe, secure, affordable, and easy to access.

Things to consider

What is not suitable for self-storage?

Any plants, animals, fish or any living creatures. Anything illegally obtained or any goods prohibited by law. Any foods, liquids, or perishable goods. Anything that may cause a fire or may be flammable. Any explosives or radioactive material. Anything that may cause fumes or unpleasant odours. Anything that may in any way cause a nuisance or result in damage to the storage unit or to the premises of Storenet.

  • Storenet security on self storage units in Pretoria.


    Storenet provides well-maintained, secured premises with neat and tidy storage units. All facilities are protected by 24/7 on site security, CCTV monitoring, electrified fencing, and alarm systems. Our alarm system connected to armed response.

  • Storenet lease agreements are flexible and tailored to your needs

    Our Leases

    Our leases are flexible, affordable, and tailored for specific demands.

  • The building - Storenet self storage

    The Building

    Storage units consist of brick buildings with waterproof concrete slab roofing and smooth floors. Each unit has lockable roller shutter garage doors and safety gates. Each client must use your own padlock and key for their unit.

  • Storenet access 6am - 6pm daily.


    Our storage facilities offer convenient and secure access between 06H00 – 18H00, seven days a week.

  • Storage transportation at Storenet Pretoria Centurion

    Removal and transportation of goods

    Our friendly team will advise you on the best options for the removal and transportation of your goods to our self-storage facility. We keep a list of reputable removal companies on hand.

  • Friendly staff at Storenet Centurion self storage

    Friendly Staff

    Our friendly staff are on site and are available to assist you on arrival or departure.

  • Self storage electrical points supplied - StoreNet

    Electrical Points

    Electrical points are available on request at an agreed additional charge.

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    Albert Diemont
    StoreNet Affordable Self-storage Pretoria Gauteng

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